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The Wild Pansy Press Writers’ Room is a site for intense full- or part-time residential periods at the intersection of fine art and literature - be that of art writing, memoir, auto-fiction, science fiction, fan-fiction, zine culture, sound art, broadcasting or the spoken word.

The space will be available as a working studio, but can also be reimagined for outcomes such as exhibitions, publication launches, performances, screenings or symposia. The Writers’ Room is a working space with scope for intimate or public-facing engagements. We imagine it fostering connectivity across demographics and practices.

The Writers’ Room offer practitioners working with text, image, voice and recording a place to find respite and a space to develop projects; a place to create something new, imagining and transforming through the power of language.

We are programmed until the end of November but we would still be interested to hear from artists and writers who would be interested in spending a productive period of time using the Writers’ Room as a creative base for periods of between 2 to 5 weeks (continuously or spread over a longer period), working towards the production of an appropriate body of work in any medium.

If you are interested in working with us, please download our Information Pack here.
For further information, email:

There is public access to the grounds of the building Wednesday - Saturday, 11 - 6pm & by appointment (with a bell on the West gate of the building). The Writers’ Room will be open for events and by arrangement with resident artists